Note: this has not been touched in ages and some comments may consequently be outdated.

Lord Tedd Innocence

[2003-11-07 (455)]

????? ?????????....

Alpha::Tedd: Nioi?  Are you [Nioi] around here?

Alpha::Tedd: Nioi?  I have something for you!  Nioi???

Alpha::Tedd: Hey, have you [Shade] seen Nioi?  I found a book I think she might enjoy...

Alpha::Shadetail (attacking punchbag): GROWL.~!!!

Alpha::Tedd (thinking): He's [Shade's] been at that [punchbagging] for hours...

Alpha::Shadetail: Sorry, m'Lord [Tedd]... I don't keep track of your "pets".

Here, Lord Tedd is seen without any need to put on a face.  He looks innocent and adorable.  He is behaving (in action and mannerism) in a manner in no way reminiscent of an evil overlord.  He looks timid, worried, uncertain.  His behaviour and actions and thoughts here are childlike and innocent, and he clearly truly cares for Nioi.

Whereas Shade (no, I shall NOT grace him with his title) could not care less if Nioi met a slow and gruesome end, Lord Tedd clearly would and Shade is subtly mocking this.  His statement is cutting and manages to be patronising whilst using the term of address Lord”... with more than a hint of cutting irony.

[2003-11-07 (455) (continued)]

Back in our universe...

[[A portal opens]]


[2003-11-10 (456)]

[[Nioi exits the portal, alighting onto the roof of Moperville North, Main Universe]]

Nioi: I'm sorry, master [Tedd]...

Nioi: ...but he [Shade] is corrupting you [Tedd]...

Nioi: Are you [Sciuridae] alive in this dimension [Main Universe], Dr. Sciuridae?

Nioi: Do you [Sciuridae] know how to defeat him [Shade]?

In case it hath not yet sunken in, ALPHA SCIURIDAE IS DEAD.  Logically, only one out of Shade and Damien would have survived, Shade still liveth and thus we can determine that Damien was defeated (Shade was created in response to Damien, so if Shade exists Damien must have also).  Defeated hands down, if what we have seen of Shade is anything to go by.  So who killed (we can only assume) Alpha Sciuridae? was it Damien, or was it Shade himself?

Nioi is utterly clutching at straws here: the only person with a CHANCE of knowing how to defeat Shade is Dr. Sciuridae and Dr. (Alpha) Sciuridae is DEAD.  So she is seeking devotedly for one alternate, JUST ONE ALTERNATE, who lives and knows how to defeat Shade.

Main Universe Sciuridae may have been breaking rules in the substitution of his daughter’s DNA, but consider THE NUMBER OF LIVES WHICH HE SEEMINGLY SAVED, including likely his own, by doing so.  Also, consider what has happened to Lord Tedd, consider what would have happened to Main Universe Tedd otherwise.