An angry and likely unpopular rant about code editors

Things I want to see in a code editor:

Things I don’t want to see:

If you want me to take to your editor, I want to be able to take to using it, to discover and appreciate its useful features as I go along. I do not want to be treated as some heretical freak of nature and given papercuts and annoyances at every turn because I, scandalously, learned to code in Notepad and Wordpad. I do not want to be infantilised and treated like I don’t know what I’m doing and Editor Knows Best.

If your editor is not less annoying to use than (Note|Word|Leaf)pad, then screw it, I’ll just use those. Though on Linux, I’m currently using mainly Mousepad, as the find and replace bugs and limitations are the only serious annoyance with it. Dependent on correct configuration, Notepad++ is still ideal though, assuming Windows.