Soluble: Tuneable Spider Patience


Spider Solitaire is a significantly less tedious form of Patience than the conventional Klondike.

Spider is usually played with two 52-card decks; suits are sometimes ignored for game balance reasons.  Spiderette is an adaptation for only one 52-card deck, using the same layout of the initial deal as Klondike.  The following adaptation allows a number of elements of gameplay to be changed, allowing emulation of Spiderette, Spider, etc with a few different packs and initial layout schemes.  Bear in mind that many, possibly most, configurations are not really plausible to play.

This is a simple implementation done as a proof of concept.  Niceties such as move reversal or hints are not provided.  Drag and drop is not supported (and I do not intend to ever support one-click moving); use two-click moving.

Unlike ReWild, this is not written with legacy compatibility in mind; it will not work in Internet Explorer, for example, as it is written in a newer version of ECMAScript than is supported in any version of Internet Explorer.  (Edge might work but I have not tested.)