910CMX style fixes and tweaks.

This is the userscript as a Gist. Click Raw to install it. You need to have first set up compatible userscript manager (see below) for this to work. You may need to enable the script following installation.

Alternatively, here is a bookmarklet which loads the stylesheet (don’t click it here, add this link to your bookmarks and run it on the forum page).

Userscript managers:

 ※ Regarding Firefox for Android: as part of Mozilla’s bizarre hellbent conviction toward burning any and all of Firefox’s competitive advantages one by one, addons besides a small list of recommended” addons are no longer available in the Android release, with using a custom list instead being hidden as a secret feature, in the separately-IDd Android nightly version.

Historic content from this page. I am not sure to what extent it still applies.

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Essentially, there is a rule in the CSS stylesheet (the file defining the layout and formatting of the page) that turns certain text white (in spite of the white background). This rule’s selector appears to apply to paragraphs in the rich text editor when it is created from the edit post” function as opposed to replying.

Solutions without custom scripts or stylesheets:

  • Format the post content (I’d suggest excluding links) explicitly black, rather than automatic”, thus overriding the defective stylesheet. Short of being able to set up the Greasemonkey solution below, this is probably the best solution. (1) (2) However, the button for this might not show on mobile devices / tablets. (3)
  • Use the HTML editor. Which can be a pain, but it is unaffected.
  • Selecting text, making the white text visible against the highlight. Temporarily, of course. This is the most obvious solution, but a last resort in terms of usability.
  • Converting text to a bulleted list, causing the selector of the problematic CSS rule to no longer apply to it.

Custom scripts: