ReWild: Replacement for Wildfire


Wildfire was a freely-distributable educationally-focused disease spread simulator developed by Neptunesys for the 16-bit Windows platform (archived website). While a mirrored copy is still available from here, potentially useful if you have a 16-bit or 32-bit (that is, not 64-bit) Windows system to run it on, it seems no longer to be developed or maintained, and support for 16-bit apps is ever declining as 64-bit is effectively the standard nowadays.

This niche is filled by ReWild, which was originally published as a custom page of a Tumblr blog prior to this site’s creation, and which I include as an embedded instance on this site below. It is written in JavaScript as a DHTML applet, and hence should work on any system with a decent browser (although no guarantees). HTML5 support is not required, but is used when available.