CNS 11643 and Big5 comparison tables

In all charts, Output” refers to the compromise I’m using in ecma35lib.

Extensions to Big5 such as ETEN, the non-ETEN kana, HKSCS or Big5-Plus are not charted here; its scope is purely different CNS 11643 mappings.

Private Use Area fonts

TW-Sung-Plus and TW-Kai-Plus version 103.1, from CNS11643中文標準交換碼全字庫, © 2018 National Development Council. The Open Data is made available to the public under the Open Government Data License, User can make use of it when complying to the condition and obligation of its terms. Open Government Data License:

Mirroring here since the full data package was rather annoying to download, since it kept cutting the connection Actually, Debian has a mirror of just the fonts—as of their October 2018 version, at least. I’m also using TW-Sung-Plus as an embedded webfont if this works on your end.

These fonts cover only Supplementary Private Use Area A (SPUA), ASCII, and characters used in their localised font names. Fonts covering the BMP and SIP are also provided in the full package but, since they are standard Unicode assignments rather than private use, other fonts for those assignments exist.

For the SIP (and CJKE especially), I’m using Hanazono Mincho B (licence) as a webfont here, although not at the top of the stack. I am assuming that your system has good BMP kanji coverage already.